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Get your own masterpiece for years to come when you have Corry Kitchen & Bath custom build your cabinets exactly to your specifications. From low to high-end cabinetry, we have a wide selection of options to accommodate to your needs. Rodney Curtis, Bill Kalika, and Troy Turner co-owners of Corry Kitchen & Bath, originally saw a place in the market for premium cabinetry products that the average customer could afford. They also believed that resilient construction and a durable finish were also necessary in the finished product. Today,the owners Corry Kitchen & Bath has combined  over 70 years of experience and always delivers the finest cabinets in a wide selection of available woods.

Beautify your home with custom cabinetry

Here at Corry Kitchen & Bath, two of the hottest brands we carry are Candlelight Cabinetry and Legacy Crafted Cabinets. Stop by our showroom to check

out our large inventory.

• Kitchens

• Bathrooms

• Workshops

• Garages

• And more

Our cabinets work well in a variety of locations

You'll be happy to know that the professionals here at Corry Kitchen & Bath use both automation and handcraftsmanship to keep prices down. This allows our customers to save more cash while also investing in a high-quality product. Owners and cabinet installers here at Corry Kitchen & Bath oversee all production. By doing this, quality stays up and our customers always get a fine product. Every single cabinet we make is also hand-sanded and hand-wiped before numerous coats of high-quality varnish is applied. Call today for your FREE estimate, and let's get your

dream cabinets built right.

Enjoy well-crafted cabinets for a better price

We are a fully authorized and certified company that aims

to provide our customers

with the finest cabinetry

in the city of Corry and

surrounding areas.